n. 名詞 麥克唐納〈姓氏〉。


    1. Both her parents, will knightley sharman macdonald, have been involved with acting for many years. sharman macdonald grew up in ayrshire. her father was an engineer and her mother was a secretary

      1983年出生的姬拉麗莉有個大她四歲的哥哥caleb ,父親will knightley也是個英國演員,母親sharman macdonald是個演員兼劇作家,也是副導演
    2. Forest whitaker delivers a ferociously commanding performance as bloodthirsty ugandan president idi amin in kevin macdonald ? s the last king of scotland. adapted from the novel by giles foden, the film recounts amin ? s horrific reign through the eyes of a fictional character, nick garrigan james mcavoy, a young doctor from scotland who travels to uganda hoping to do some good

      科維斯偉狄加forest whitaker憑最後的蘇格蘭王the last king of scotland勢如破竹地狂掃英美各大影展及協會超過10座的最佳男主角獎項,更在奧斯卡金像獎稱帝!
    3. Macdonald company is the richest in the whole world

    4. Methods : the methods of the increase of blood capillary permeability of the abdominal in mice induced by injection of acetic acid and the swelling of the ear in mice caused by crotin were used for anti - inflammatory experiments, aspirin and hydrocortison were respectively used as the positive control ; the methods of abdominal pain in mice induced by acetic acid and woolfe - macdonald were used for analgesic experiments, morphine hydrochloride as the positive control

    5. It is common for people, especially women, to want to do too much these days, says dr natalie - jane macdonald, head of health care policy and development at bupa. they are not getting enough sleep because they are juggling too much - their job, friends and family

      英國保柏保健政策及拓展部主管natalie - janemacdonald醫生說:現今社會的人,特別是女性,常常都希望可多做一點事情,如要同時兼顧自己的工作、朋友和家庭,令睡眠時間不足。