n. 名詞 1. 絕食餓瘦。
2. 【化學】浸軟;浸漬(作用);離析,浸解。


    1. Towards the end of fermentation less skin / cap maceration is desired in order to avoid extraction of harsher phenolics

    2. The yvecourt wines are made in accordance with the traditional method. maceration then pressing followed by slight racking of the must. alcoholic fermentation in temperature - controlled vats at 18

    3. An acellular dermal matrix was prepared from allogenic skin by removing epidermis with a hyperosmotic salt solution and cross - linking with glutaralaldehyde, then clear away acellular components in dermis with naoh - maceration. the light and sme observation of the acellular dermal matrix revealed that the epidermis and cellular component in dermis were eliminated

    4. Abstract : iron - based alloy aluminum liquid maceration experiment is done. transmission ele ctron microscope ( tem ) and energy dispersive spectrometer ( eds ) are employed to in vestigate the characteristics of microstructure and the distrbution of compone nts. based on fe - al alloy phase diagram and the experiment results, a model is propo sed for iron - based alloy aluminum erosion

    5. The treatment of extensive deep burn wound is mainly by transplantation of razor - thin graft or split - thickness skin autograft in clinic. but the lack of dermis makes the wound heal with scarring and contraction. we can prepare a new kind of acellular dermal matrix ( adm ) by the method of naoh - maceration. first the acellular dermal matrix became vascularized within 3 weeks after implantation into full thickness skin defects in sd rats, then auto - split - thickness skin was overlaid on it. by animal experiments, we observed that the new kind of composite skin can reduce scarring and contraction of transplantation of razor - thin or split - thickness skin autograft

      目前在臨床上治療大面積深度燒傷的方法是移植刃厚或斷層自體皮,但因缺乏足夠的真皮成分,常造成疤痕和攣縮,本實驗用naoh消蝕法研製出一種新的真皮基質( adm ) ,先將其移植于全厚皮膚缺損的大鼠背部創面,外覆蓋輻照豬皮保護3周,使其血管化,再在其上移植斷層自體皮,經動物實驗我們觀察到這種新型復合皮膚,可以減少單純移植刃厚或斷層自體皮造成疤痕和攣縮。