n. 名詞 1. (中、南美人用的)大砍刀。
2. 葡萄牙四弦小吉他琴。


    1. There were four : the one with the rifle, one with a rusty carving knife, one with a huge machete and one unarmed

    2. And they say he took that same machete.

      他們還說他用同一把大砍刀. .
    3. Hey, you guys ever hear the story ofthe machete maniac

    4. A total of 96, 400 sticks of contraband cigarettes, 4, 400 litres of illicit oil, 390 copies of obscene optical discs, one axe, one machete and a small quantity of suspected dangerous drugs and some equipment for injecting dangerous drugs were seized during the operation. the total value of the seizures is estimated at about $ 245, 000

    5. Seven young friends climb aboard a vintage rv headed for a fun - filled weekend in the woods when they encounter a night vision goggled, machete - wielding psychopath

      七個年輕人開著老爺車去歡度周末,遇見了一個帶夜視鏡的揮舞彎刀的精神病者他們的遭遇將會是怎樣的呢。 。 。 。 。 。