n. 名詞 〈西班牙語〉男子(雄武)氣慨。


    1. Some of the criticism of the president may be motivated by machismo, but she in turn has encouraged it with gesture politics

    2. At 2 strands of dna, this creates a machismo man and a subordinate woman

      在2股dna ,這創造了一個陽剛的男人和一個順從的女人。
    3. They tell us that we ' re remote and uncommunicative, that we need to demonstrate less machismo and more commitment, more humanity

    4. When palestinian and israeli societies are being ripped apart by the testosterone and machismo of wartime , mothers are struggling to keep alive their nurturing role amid the loss , grief and fear

    5. The thesis probes into the significances of leading role by market rather than government. the thesis also points to that chinese government should word hard to improve the market machismo by ways of law, plan and institutional innovation