madame melville中文意思是什麼

madame melville解釋

  • madame: n (pl mesdames 或 madames) 〈法語〉太太〈對已婚婦女的法國式稱呼〉;夫人〈用於婦人姓前或稱號前的...
  • melville: n. 梅爾維爾〈姓氏,男子名〉。

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  1. " madame, " replied villefort, with a mournful smile, " i have already had the honor to observe that my father has - at least, i hope so - abjured his past errors, and that he is, at the present moment, a firm and zealous friend to religion and order - a better royalist, possibly, than his son ; for he has to atone for past dereliction, while i have no other impulse than warm, decided preference and conviction.

    「夫人, 」維爾福苦笑著說道, 「我很幸運地看到我父親已經至少我希望公開承認了他過去的錯誤,他目前已是宗教和秩序的忠誠的朋友一個或許比他的兒子還要好的保皇黨,因為他是帶著懺悔之情,而我只不過是憑著一腔熱血罷了。 」
  2. Madame schindler : et ce voyage vous a - t - il plu, monsieur robert ? avez - vous vu beaucoup de choses

  3. " yes, madame, " said monte cristo ; " but i preferred having an entrance which would allow me to see the bois de boulogne over my gate.

    「是的,夫人, 」基督山說, 「但我想換一個進口,以便從大門口一望出去就可以看見布洛涅大道。 」
  4. " i know it, madame, " replied the count ; " but we are in france, and not in arabia, and in france eternal friendships are as rare as the custom of dividing bread and salt with one another.

    「我知道的,夫人, 」伯爵回答, 「但我們是在法國,不是在阿拉伯。而在法國,永久的友誼就象分享麵包和鹽那種風俗一樣的罕見。 」
  5. " they are stamping their feet, madame, " the callboy once more cried. " they ll end by smashing the seats. may i give the knocks ?

    「太太, 」催場員氣喘吁吁地又叫道, 「觀眾急得跺腳了,這樣下去,他們會把座位砸爛的我可以敲鑼了嗎? 」