magnetic sublevel中文意思是什麼

magnetic sublevel解釋
磁次能級, 磁支級

  • magnetic: adj. 1. 磁(性)的;(可)磁化的。2. 吸引人心的;有魅力的。3. 催眠術的。
  • sublevel: 次層級

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  1. The iron flings align themselves in the direction of the magnetic field

  2. The tendency for the magnetic carriers to become aligned is completely offset by their thermal energy.

  3. Undesirable magnetic coupling can occur as a result of an error in the alignment of the torquing system.

  4. The van allen belts are composed of charged particles trapped by the earth's magnetic field.

  5. To do that, cern built the antiproton decelerator, which uses electric and magnetic fields to slow the particles from near light speed to about one - tenth of that, he said

    為了要做那些, cern建造了反質子加速器,他說,使用電場和磁場把接近光速度的粒子減慢到光速的十分之一左右。