音標 ['mægnifai]
vt. 及物動詞 (-fied)1. (凸鏡等)擴大,放大,映大。
2. 誇張,誇大;〈古語〉推崇,誇獎;贊美;〈罕用語〉增大。


    1. We did everything in our power to aid him and magnify his movement.

    2. Secondly, the core conception of cognitive towards information science is " human as essence ", and bring forward that the information system is one that can boost up and magnify the existence value, ability and specialty of " human ", and provide users a system which is active and unforced, rather than force users to arduously adapt system. thirdly, from the visual angle of cognitive, information - seeking or information - using is a kind of cognitive behavior in essence. fourthly, cognitive style is the development trend of future information retrieve system, it can reveal the thinking - process of users during retrieving on - line, in order to help users to develop their knowledge configuration

      首先,認知觀可集成情報科學的相關領域,從而為形成統一、有效的情報科學提供體系結構;第二,情報學認知觀把「以人為本」作為它的核心觀念,提出情報系統設計的任務是要設計出增強和放大「人」的存在價值、能力和特長的系統,使提供給用戶的情報系統是一種積極自然,而不是要求他們花力氣去適應的系統;第三,從認知角度來看,情報查尋和利用從根本上說是一項認知行為;第四,認知風格將是未來情報檢索系統的發展趨勢,這樣可以揭示聯機檢索過程中的用戶思維過程,以便有助於用戶知識的發展;第五,知識的進化與認知活動有密切關系,人的知識結構對外來信息的吸附、同化、選擇、建構和實現社會化的過程,其實就是知識的進化;第六, 「知識結構」將成為情報學認知觀研究的重點。
    3. If i make much of anything appointed, magnify it secretly to myself or insidiously to others ; if i let them think it “ hard, ” if i look back longingly upon what used to be, and linger among the byways of memory, so that my power to help is weakened, then i know nothing of calvary love

    4. Firstly, the whole scheme of the transducer is designed, the transducer includes capacitance / voltage converting, ripple - control capacitor switching, magnify - multiple switching, a / d converting, singlechip, photoelectric isolation and rs - 485 serial communication, etc. the measurement of microcapacitor is the key technology of transducer

      首先對變送器部分進行了整體的方案設計,變送器由電容/電壓轉換、紋波控制電容切換、放大倍數切換、 a / d轉換、單片機、光電隔離和rs485串口通訊等幾部分組成。
    5. We use the small iam business as the tool and media to mirror and magnify the big financial world because all information related has been touched and contained. i believe that this research is valuable and will be helpful for the managers and practitioners of cscb. it works