main parts of bicycle lock中文意思是什麼

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  • main: adj 1 主要的,主,全,總。2 充分的,盡量的;全力的,有力的。n 1 體力,氣力;力〈僅用於 with might...
  • parts: 部分
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • bicycle: n 1 自行車,腳踏車〈又名 push bicycle 系對 motor bicycle 而言〉。2 〈美國〉〈卡車駕駛員用語〉機器...
  • lock: n 1 鎖,閂,栓。2 (運河等的)船閘。3 制輪楔。4 【機械工程】氣閘,氣塞,鎖氣室。5 【軍事】槍機。6...

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  1. Then this paper concerns about the network packet intercepting technology of linux os and gives a thoroughly overview of network hacking methods and some application protocol criterion, including http, ftp, telnet, nntp, pop3, smtp etc. then the system design scheme of the transparent proxy has been discussed, this system can be divided to 4 modules below : establishment of transparent charnel, implement of proxy service, gui configuration and management application, accessory filter functions ( such as url filter, command filter and logger etc ). we explain key techniques in all 4 main parts of this system, define the interfaces of each module, what is more the main data structures and software implements codes are all illustrated

    首先,論文陳述了防火墻的相關技術基礎,分析了透明代理作為一種先進易用的防火墻技術的原理,闡述了linux操作系統網路數據包攔截技術和http 、 ftp 、 telnet 、 nntp 、 pop3 、 smtp等應用層協議的協議規范和具體的工作流程。接著敘述了本透明代理服務器的系統總體設計方案,將系統分為以下幾個部分:透明通道建立、代理服務實現、 gui配置管理程序以及過濾功能(如url過濾、命令過濾和日誌審計等) 。論文然後分別介紹各個關鍵部分的具體實現要點,解釋了相互間的介面關系,列出了主要數據結構和實現流程。
  2. The compositions of usual elements and rare earth elements and inclusions of corundum megacrysts related to alkali basalt in changle, shandong province, are analyzed. in the main parts of corundum megacrysts are a large number of fluid - melting inclusions, zircon, ta - columbite inclusions, and in the central crystal core are a large number of melting inclusions. the corundum megacrysts were formed in different periods and different physical chemistry conditions. the crystal core was formed in magma system, and the main parts were formed in inhomogeneously geochemical conditions in which magam and fluid phases coexisted

  3. Section 3 and section 4 are the main parts of the paper. by employing the directional derivative and generalized gradient in the broad sense, as defined in this paper, the first order necessary condition and the first order sufficient condition of the single - objective non - smooth programming where the objective function is d - regular weak lipschitz function and constrained functions are regular weak lipschitz functions

  4. The main parts of the centrifuge are bearing and shaft, basket, drive and brake. construction brief introduction

  5. After learning its history and present condition, we define the coerce information disclosure and put forward the quality standard of accounting information disclosure. after that, we present a definition of distortion of accounting information disclosure in securities market, exhibit its behavior forms and analyze its negative influence. the main parts of this thesis are as follows