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  • maintenance: n. 1. 保持,維持,保養;保管,保存,維護,維修;繼續;支持的手段。2. 堅持;主張;擁護,支持。3. 扶養,供給;生活,生計。4. 【法律】對訴訟一方的非法援助;依法應負的對他人的贍養義務。
  • center: n vt vi 〈美國〉=centre n 1 中心;中心點;圓心;中央;中樞,核心;中心人物;根源,起源。2 〈常C ...

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  1. Following a hearty breakfast, we will visit the 770 ft. oroville dam, currently the highest dam in the united states, and enjoy the great view of america s greatest reservoir. we will then take a trip to the orville dam visitor center where you will watch a fascinating documentary and learn all about the construction and maintenance of the oroville dam

    登上高達770英尺的全美國最高水壩,也是全美最大水壩之一的黃金水壩oroville dam ,在水壩上晨操,呼吸一下異常清新的空氣以外,還可居高臨下,觀賞全美最大人造水庫黃金湖及著名的羽毛河feather river 。
  2. Qc center facility maintenance and follow the work

  3. For the existing transformer cooling control system has many shortcomings such as the complicated system control circuit, the low reliability, the protection methods of blower fan being so simple, large control error, high fault rate, massive maintenance work and no method to realize telecommunication, this thesis develops a novel intelligent power transformer air - cooled control system based on the center of microprocessor through all - round technology analysis and research

  4. Three phase dry type power transformer, which make it with those features : safety, reliability, and energy saving, fireproof, flameproof, simple maintenance etc., the design is advanced ; the structure of products is reasonable and the outline is fine, the main performances of the products are much better than the national standards, for example, partial discharge level no - load loss, on - load loss, noise level, it is adaptable for application on heavy humidity and severely pollute places which are near to lake, sea and rive, as well as, high demand - fireproof, heavy load capacity place, such as : high building, airport, station, port, underground, hospital, electrical power station, metallurgy, shopping center, residential area and petroleum chemical industry, nuclear power station, nuclear - powered submarine

  5. Telecom maintenance center tmc