maiying shi中文意思是什麼

maiying shi解釋

  • shi: 失 師 詩 施 十 什 石 時 識 實 拾 食 史 使 始 駛 士 氏 世 市 示 式 事 侍 勢 視 試 飾 室 是 適 逝 釋 誓

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  5. The american of cares the expert the 8226 ; shi de2 er3 s doctor at its the anti - decrepitude saint one a " the root of the burdock root is deeply think by the whole world person s fancy, that it is a kind of can the in aid of human body maintains the good work appearance from childhood to old age all proper practical of the gentle nourishment medicine grass, burdock root can the day eat but have no side effect, and have the important medicine grass of restore to original the effect to the balance of the system inside the body, the medicine grass teacher is a kind of cancer treatment with it, also treating it as the poisonous of the curative effect outstanding digestive and the solution livers " of the book middle finger, long - term edible burdock root root of the most long - lived race - japanese in whole world

    飲牛蒡茶對人體有抗衰老作用:美國著名的保健專家艾爾8226 ;施德爾博士在它的抗衰老聖典一書中指出「牛蒡的根部深受全世界人的喜愛,認為它是一種可以幫助人體維持良好工作狀態從幼年到老年均適實用的溫和營養藥草,牛蒡可日食而無任何副作用,且對體內系統的平衡具有復原功效的重要藥草,藥草師用它作為一種癌癥治療劑,同時也視它為療效突出的消化劑及解肝毒劑」 ,全世界最長壽的民族日本人長期食用牛蒡根部。