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  1. Fruit and vegetable juices. enzymatic determination of l - matic acid l - malate content. nadh spectrometric method

    水果和蔬菜汁. l -蘋果酸含量的酶催化的測定. nadh光譜法
  2. Fruit and vegetable juices - enzymatic determination of l - malic acid l - malate content - nadh spectrometric method ; german version en 1138 : 1994

    水果和蔬菜汁. l蘋果酸含量的酶性測定. nadn光譜測定
  3. We present a preliminary study on the zymograms of esterase ( est ), lactate dehydrogenase ( ldh ), malate dehydrogenase ( mdh ) from four groups of microtus fortis by vertical discontinous polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis method. the number, mobility and dye intensity of the enzyme band were analyzed

    採用垂直板不連續聚丙烯酰胺凝膠電泳法對四類東方田鼠的酯酶( est ) 、蘋果酸脫氫酶( mdh )和乳酸脫氫酶( ldh )進行了初步研究。
  4. The tested isozymes included esterase ( est ) 、 superoxide dismutase ( sod ) 、 malate. dehydrogenase ( mdh ) 、 malic enzyme ( me ) 、 glutamate dehydrogenase ( gdh ) 、 peroxidase ( per ) and alcohol dehydrogenase ( adh ). there were obvious differences between the normal strain and its degenerative strain in est 、 mdh 、 me 、 sod. the zymotype were the same in the other isozymes. the results were not only used to test the degenerative strain at young stage, but also as the theoretical base to study the genetic mechanism of the degenerative strain

  5. In this process, protein translocation machineries of the outer and inner membranes, at least three major translocase complexes, are needed to ensure the proper import of precursor proteins