maligne lake中文意思是什麼

maligne lake解釋

  • lake: n. 萊克〈姓氏〉。n. 1. 湖(公園等中的)池塘,小湖。2. (貯油等的)池。n. 1. 【化學】色淀;沉澱染料。2. 胭脂紅。vi. 血球溶解。vt. 使(血液)發生血球溶解。

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  1. Ainu culture is also preserved at a village near lake akan

  2. So the effect of eutrophication of dianchi lake of sediment ca n ' t be ignored. based on the research of modern sediemnt of dianchi lake, the thesis is concerned about some physical and chemical characteristics ( including magnetic susceptibility, ammoniac nitrogen and effective phosphprus etc. ) and thermodynamics analysis of spontaneous mineral of iron

    本論文主要以滇池現代沉積物為研究對象,對滇池現代沉積物的主要物理和化學性質(包括氨氮、有效磷、磁化率等) ,進行基礎性地分析研究並對滇池現代沉積物鐵的自生礦物進行了熱力學分析。
  3. 1926 an ammunition depot explosion at lake denmark n. j., was triggered by lightning, killing 31persons. sporadic explosions continued for days ; damage reached $ 93 000 000

    位於紐約州萊克登馬克的一座彈藥庫遭電擊引起爆炸, 31人喪生,零星爆炸持續了好幾天。損失9 . 300萬美元。
  4. The western area of dongting lake is one of the main marketable grain base in our country, and an important marketable base for pork, reed hemp and the freshwater aquiculture

  5. A ground - floor, ornamented with arabesques, bathing its terraces in the water, and another floor, looking on the lake, was all which was visible to the eye