音標 ['mænidʒmənt]
n. 名詞 1. 辦理,處理;管理,經營;經營力,經營手腕。
2. 安排;妥善對待。
3. 〈the management〉〈集合詞〉(工商企業)管理部門;董事會;廠方,資方。


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    4. The human resource management is to acculturate the big production and economic high flourishing outcome. the chinese economic system is be placed in from the traditional planned economy system to constuct the perfect socialism market economy system change. the postal service business enterprise human resource management practices along with the demand that situation develop, reforming to not agree with to match the management system of develop the demand, the first step builds up to meet the management system of develop the demand, the human resource manages to rise increasingly in the position in the management

      論文通過對美國著名管理學家傑弗瑞?普費福在《釋放員工能量實現競爭優勢》 (又譯為《求勢於人》 )中提出的16種人力資源管理實踐研究歸納,並聯系工作實際,將吉林郵政速遞人力資源管理活動情況與16種管理實踐進行對比分析,從而提出提高郵政速遞企業競爭優勢的人力資源管理具體措施。
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