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  • manchester: n 曼徹斯特〈英國城市〉;紡織工業中心。 Manchester department (商店的)棉織品部。 Manchester good...
  • code: n 1 法典;法規。2 規則,準則;(社會、階級等的)慣例,習俗,制度。3 (電)碼,代碼,密碼,暗碼;...

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  1. In this country, the current criminal code clearly denies the joint negligence offense, not only denying negligence aiders and abetters, but also denying the negligent co - principal. when the joint behavior of two or more actors leads to some harmful consequence but whose act is consequently related to it is uncertain, some scholars consider it as joint negligence offense but difficulties will be encountered in practical case handling

  2. This part contains accidence analyzing, phrasing analyzing, semantic analyzing and creating aim code

  3. Safety code for elevators and escalators ; addenda

  4. Safty code for passengers aerial ropeways

  5. This project is part of the maglev communication system project, a large project sponsored by the national “ 863 ” plan. this dissertation discusses how to design and implement the encoding and decoding of manchester code with a bit rate of about 4mb / s

    本課題是國家「 863 」計劃磁懸浮列車車地通信系統子課題,課題完成的是4m碼率的曼徹斯特編解碼器的設計與實現。