manu river中文意思是什麼

manu river解釋

  • manu: 瑪努
  • river: n 1 河,江。 Rriver Thames 或 the R Thames 泰晤士河; the Hudson R 〈美國〉哈得孫河。 the Rriver ...

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  1. Civicmoon resort against mountain and closed to the river, the trait of landform is wander and fluctuant, it gives the stylist countless afflatus and space, the construction either built according to the mountain, or arrange the slope, the chain of mountain pile up jade green, the height strew at random, fully display its natural scene

  2. If you throw a handful of straw into a river, some of it stays afloat even in a rapids.

  3. Afterglow of qinhuai river

  4. He crossed the river by the aid of a tree.

  5. Matsya - the fish - according to legend, the king manu was washing his hands in a river when a little fish swam into his hands and begged him to save it

    瑪特斯瓦? ?魚? ?依照傳說,國王摩奴在河裡洗手的時候,一條小魚游進他的手上,請求他去解救它。