many heads are better than one中文意思是什麼

many heads are better than one解釋

  • many: adj (more; most) (opp few; cf much) 許多的,多數的,很多的,多。 ★ 1 在口語中,尤其是在英國口...
  • heads: 磁頭數
  • are: are1be 的第二人稱單、復數。 第一、三人稱復數現在陳述語氣。 Are you there (電話用語)喂!喂!n. 公畝〈等於100平方米〉。
  • better: adj 〈good well 的比較級〉 (opp worse )1 較好的,更好的。2 大半的,大部分的。3 更合適的。4 較有...
  • than: 1 比〈用於 than whom than which〉。 Here is my new teacher than whom a better does not exist 這就...
  • one: adj 1 獨一個的,單一的。 one hand 一隻手。 one shot 只出一期的雜志。 O swallow doesn t make a sum...

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  3. Two heads are better than one.

  4. Since he is unsure and reckons that two heads are better than one ? and also prefers not to trek to the library ? he also includes the anecdote

  5. That is why several thin coatings are better than one excessively thick coating