many ways中文意思是什麼

many ways解釋

  • many: adj (more; most) (opp few; cf much) 許多的,多數的,很多的,多。 ★ 1 在口語中,尤其是在英國口...
  • ways: 道,軌,臺

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  1. Old order amish ? the most traditional of the pennsylvania dutch communities ? are unusual in many ways

  2. The arabian architectural method is of special interest because in many ways it would be a dangerous failure in a wet, european climate.

  3. At the same time, invite the abroad many well - known expert to compose company ' s decision group of brain truster, introduce advanced management concept and the level of management of overall promotive enterprise in many ways

  4. Through a great deal of chemical element collections and in many ways of argument, the chemical element ( the famous spot historic monument and special product etc. in hangzhou ) that affirms the one has already can ' t represent hangzhou of now, but define deep hangzhou of the cultural bottom 蘊 with other more modern signs again much superficial with the 驕躁, and " 杭 " navigation, mean hangzhou only, in no way its idea, is because of " last years of the period of 禹, cruise the meeting 稽 to go to this, give up the sail debarkation, is a 杭, start to see in the writing ", so in addition to " 杭 " word, the manifestation of other one contents can ' t explain the whole hangzhou

    經大量的元素收集及多方的論證,認定單一的元素(杭州的名勝古跡及特產等)已不能代表如今的杭州,而用其他更現代的符號來定義文化底蘊深厚的杭州又多顯浮華與驕躁,且「杭」通航,只意為杭州,絕無它意,是因「禹末年,巡會稽至此,舍航登陸,乃名杭,始見于文字」 ,因此除「杭」字外,其他單一內涵的表現形式無法詮釋整個杭州。
  5. There are many ways a druid can survive your blind / ks