many-body technique中文意思是什麼

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  • many: adj (more; most) (opp few; cf much) 許多的,多數的,很多的,多。 ★ 1 在口語中,尤其是在英國口...
  • body: n 1 身體,體軀,肉體;屍首;軀干,【林業】立木。2 本體,主體;主力;本文,正文;部分。3 (衣服的...
  • technique: n. 1. (專門)技術;(藝術上的)技巧,技能。2. 手法〈如畫法,演奏法等〉。3. 方法。

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  1. Computational simulation in nano size alloy system chapters, we applied an approach to the development of many - body interatomic potentials for niti, nizr alloys, the database used for the development of a potential includes both experimental data and a large set of energies of different structures of the material generated by dft calculations. the molecular dynamic simulation results prove the structure change in nano materials grain size

  2. The liquid crystals is a many - body system which consists of a large number of rod - like ( or disc - like ) molecule

  3. Influence of the many - body interaction on cluster phase transition

  4. 3 ) to meet the demand of hydraulic engineering design in large _ scale and multi _ major collaboration, a new collaborative design mode named passive collaborative design based on dfms is given, a set of study system is built and many core technique problems are studied in detail

    3 )針對水利水電工程勘測設計中大跨度多專業協同工作的特點,提出一種基於dfms的被動式協同設計模式,建立了關于被動式協同設計較為完善的研究體系。
  5. Bus communication between one computer and many converters technique ' application