many-bottom plow中文意思是什麼

many-bottom plow解釋

  • many: adj (more; most) (opp few; cf much) 許多的,多數的,很多的,多。 ★ 1 在口語中,尤其是在英國口...
  • bottom: n 1 底,底部。2 地基,基礎;根底;底細,真相,原因,根源。3 (樹的)根干;(山)麓麓;〈方,常 pl...
  • plow: n 1 犁;犁形器具;排雪機;【礦物】煤犁,刨煤機;【建築】路犁;(木工用的)溝刨;【印刷】手動式切...

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  1. Traditionalists point out that many of the details of the pentateuch are consistent with the time period, such as the price of a slave ( 30 shekels as opposed to around 60 at the time of the babylonian captivity ), the practice of blood covenants and the discovery of what appear to be chariot wheels on the bottom of the red sea

    傳統上指出,摩西五書的很多細節是與所處時期是相一致的,例如一個奴隸的價格( 30個錢幣,在被巴比倫俘虜的時期是60個錢幣) ,也有用血來結盟的習俗,也在紅海的海底發現戰車的輪子。
  2. Seismographic surveys carried out across the atlantic ocean have shown that there are many deviations and unexplained contours to be found right at the bottom of the ocean

  3. According to fuel and and operation condition in chongqing iron and steel group corporation, many kinds of advanced technologies are adopted, such as closed loop soft water circulation cooling, copper cooling stave, bell - less top with central charging hopper, carbon bricks combined furnace bottom with ceramic cup, russia top burner type hot air stove, duplex preheating of hot air stove, and nut coke charging

  4. To the inferior trap of rock - bottom building, ought to want special attention the following problem : ( 1 ) notice indoor moistureproof design, the ground outside basically observing indoor ground is compared wants tall how many, moistureproof measure how, judge thereby, the building fights damp ability, whether to live aptly ; ( 2 ) notice indoor facilities is designed, conduit of indoor fluctuation catchment is reasonable, observe whether conduit distribution is equitable, expedite, jam not easily ; ( 3 ) notice the establishment outdoor is designed, whether is the system such as room of the raceway groove outside be like, cesspool, water pump, catchment designed reasonable, accessary establishment leaves living room whether too close, this basically is to prevent to be all round the building generation seeper, especially after big rainstorm, be like catchment not free, the excessive outside possible sewage, by water adj / lit wide

    對于底層房屋的劣質陷阱,應當要非凡注重以下問題: ( 1 )注重室內地面防潮設計,主要觀察室內地面比外地面要高多少,防潮措施如何,從而判定,房屋抗潮濕的能力,是否適宜居住; ( 2 )注重室內設施設計,室內上下排水管道是否合理,觀察管道布局是否合理,是否暢通,不易堵塞; ( 3 )注重室外設施設計,如外溝道、化糞池、水泵房、排水等系統是否設計合理,附屬設施離居住房是否太近,這主要是為了防止在房屋四周產生積水,非凡是大暴雨後,如排水不暢,有可能臟水外溢,被水淹。
  5. Design of parameters of a two - wing turning antimiss plowing plow bottom