marking up price中文意思是什麼

marking up price解釋
提高價格, 標價提升

  • marking: n. 1. 作記號;記分;記號,印記,點;(尤指鳥獸的皮、羽毛等的)斑紋,條紋。2. 【商業】(支票的)認付。adj. 賦與特徵的,使顯眼的。
  • up: adv (superl uppermost )1 向[在]上,向[在]上面;向[在]被認為處于上方的地方或方面〈如河流的源頭,...
  • price: n 普賴斯〈姓氏〉。n 1 價格,價錢;市價;代價;費用。2 報酬;懸賞;交換物;〈美俚〉錢;(為取得某...

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  1. 2. the energy theory : ( 1 ) the connection of supply and demand : the connection of supply and demand of a stock decide the price ( p ) which circumfuse the value ( m ) to fluctuate up and down. - this is signality to study the numerical value of p / m, this reflects how much investment value of a stock

    2 、能量理論供求關系:股票的供求關系決定了股票價格( p )是圍繞股票價值( m )上下波動的。研究p m的比值十分有意義, ? ?這反映了股票投資價值的大小。
  2. The algorithm of harden should be to go up exceed yesterday 10 % of closing quotation price, for instance yesterday closing quotation 10 yuan, go up 11 yuan are first time harden

    漲停的演算法應該是漲幅超過昨日收盤價的10 % ,比如昨日收盤10元,漲到11元就是第一次漲停。
  3. 3 for dots marking, we design a convenient software, it can pick - up the characters dots information directly from dots characters - library, then make it more convenient for user. 4 two type of laser markers have been used to some product - lines. three different projects are developed

    4 、為了實現在線激光打標功能,分別提出了精確定位方案、快速掃描方案和分步掃描方案三種不同的打標方案,三種打標方案均採用點陣字元打標,分別可適用於不同的在線打標要求。
  4. Cheer up, men, let ' s win the price of gang war

  5. By analyzing and comparing with the comprise, pricing base pricing mode and reform course of the construction price of building and installation project both home and abroad, using the theory and method of the construction cost and market economy, this paper analyzes and dissertates how to confirm the construction cost on the planned economy period, the planned economy transiting to market economy period economy transiting to market economy period and the market economy period, and besides, proposes that it is the most reasonable method that determination of the construction cost should be market - oriented ; " controlling amount, loss up price, offering by enterprise ' s own and formed by market finally " is the best pricing mode for confirming the market - oriented construction cost, however, biding by electing the reasonable low - price to win the bid is the most effective means for realizing the pricing mode of market economy

    工程造價管理的改革是我國建設市場改革的瓶頸和切入點。建立市場經濟的計價模式,合理確定工程造價是工程造價管理改革的目標。本文通過對國內外建安工程造價的構成、計價依據、計價模式及其改革過程的比較分析,運用工程造價及市場經濟的理論和方法,對計劃經濟時期、計劃經濟向市場經濟過渡期、市場經濟時期如何合理確定工程造價進行了研究論述,提出了工程造價的確定實行市場化是最合理的方法, 「控制量,放開價,企業自主報價,最終由市場形成工程造價」是工程造價確定市場化的最佳計價模式,而推行合理低價中標法招標是實現市場經濟計價模式最有效的手段。