markor home furnishings中文意思是什麼

markor home furnishings解釋

  • home: n 1 家,家庭;家庭生活;〈美國〉住宅。2 本國,故鄉;(活動的)中心地,根據地,大本營;(動植物的...
  • furnishings: 辦公家私

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  1. Sells upmarket clothing and home furnishings

    -售賣日本hello kitty及相關卡通精品。
  2. We are a global consumer product company engaged in designing , manufacturing and marketing of a diverse portfolio of powerful consumer brands , sold through its juvenile , home furnishings , and recreational / leisure segments

  3. Home furniture, furnishings, and equipment stores

  4. Universal furniture is recognized as a leader in exceptionally crafted furnishings for the home including complete bedroom, dining room, and occasional products, plus entertainment centers, wall units and home office selections

  5. As japanese consumers place an increasing emphasis on home comfort, homefurnishing centers are now offering consumers household solutions and coordinated furnishings to provide comfortable living