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  1. The little princess and mademoiselle bourienne had already obtained all necessary information from the maid, masha ; they had learned what a handsome fellow the ministers son was, with rosy cheeks and black eye - brows ; how his papa had dragged his legs upstairs with difficulty, while he, like a young eagle, had flown up after him three steps at a time. on receiving these items of information, the little princess and mademoiselle bourienne, whose eager voices were audible in the corridor, went into princess maryas room

  2. The influence of confucian education on masha zhuang village

  3. If you ask me, said prince andrey, not looking at his father it was the first time in his life that he had blamed his father, i did not wish to speak of itbut, if you ask me, ill tell you my opinion frankly in regard to the whole matter. if there is any misunderstanding and estrangement between you and masha, i cant blame her for iti know how she loves and respects you

    「假如您問我, 」安德烈公爵兩眼不望他父親,說道這是他有生以來第一次責備父親「我原來不想這樣說,可是如果您真要問我,那麼我就坦白地將我對這一切的意見講給您聽,因為我知道瑪莎是非常敬愛您的,若是說您和她之間有什麼誤會和不和睦的話,那麼我千萬不能責怪她。
  4. Yes, perhaps so, said prince andrey. go, masha, ill come immediately

    安德烈公爵說道, 「瑪莎,你去吧,我立刻就來。 」
  5. Yes ; she is nice ! masha, she said, shyly drawing her hand towards her. masha, you mustnt think im horrid

    「瑪莎, 」她羞怯地拉住她的一隻手,說, 「瑪莎,你不要以為我很壞。