mashonaland east中文意思是什麼

mashonaland east解釋

  • mashonaland: 馬紹納蘭
  • east: n 1 東,東方。2 東邊,東面。3 〈the E 〉 東方〈美語作 the Orient〉; 〈美國〉東部〈密士失必河以東...

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  1. The zhengzhou east abstersion co. ltd is a high - tech chemical enterprise, which dedicates to scientific research, product development and sale, and washing services

  2. Travelers sami sabiti and justine shapiro return to south africa to see how much the rainbow mation has changed in the decade since apartheid. starting in the beautiful cape town they travel to robben islad to see where nelson mandela was imprisoned. after a stop in kimberly, sami does on to the tribal lands of limpopo while justine heads east to afrikaner oudtshoorn and on to durban before meeting the wildlife of kruger national park. they end their journey in johannesburg

  3. Reforming control system of no. 2 fan lubricating station of huainan panyi mine east air shaft

  4. Women embrace after a blast damaged their home in thenia town, east of algiers, january 29, 2008

  5. China and east timor formally established diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level on the same day