mat bottom中文意思是什麼

mat bottom解釋

  • mat: MAT = Master of Arts in Teaching 教育碩士。n 1 席子;蹭鞋墊(= doormat);(體操等用的)墊子;...
  • bottom: n 1 底,底部。2 地基,基礎;根底;底細,真相,原因,根源。3 (樹的)根干;(山)麓麓;〈方,常 pl...

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  1. Faultfinding being a proverbially bad hat, mr bloom thought well to stir, or try to, the clotted sugar from the bottom and reflected with something approaching acrimony on the coffee palace and its temperance and lucrative work

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    包括由英國皇家郵政發行的"女皇加冕50周年紀念"一套十枚郵票及"威廉王子"一套四枚郵票(圖上) 、由美國郵政發行的"柯德莉夏萍"自動黏貼十方連郵票(圖中左)及由澳門郵政發行的"文物保護?仔和路環"小全張(圖中右)和一套四枚郵票(圖下) 。
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    包括由加拿大郵政發行的羊年小全張(圖上左) 、由中國郵政發行的癸未年套摺(圖上右) 、由紐西蘭郵政發行的魔戒二部曲:雙城奇謀已蓋銷首日封連一套背膠郵票(圖下左)和已蓋銷首日封連一套自動黏貼郵票(圖下右) 。
  4. The anchor did not stay in its place on the sea bottom.

  5. A test analysis of open canal bottom coefficient of roughness anticlimax on turbulent velocity of flow and intensity of turbulence influence