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  • mathematical: adj 數學(上)的,數理的;嚴正的,精確的。 mathematical instruments 制圖儀器。 mathematical logic...
  • ecology: n. 1. 生態學;個體生態學。2. 【社會學】環境適應學,社會生態學。3. 任何均衡的系統[制度等]。n. -ogist 生態學家。

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  1. Fundamenta informaticae, 2004, 62 : 1 - 23. 10 kleine b " uing h, lettmann h. propositional logic : deduction and algorithms, cambridge university press, 1999. 11 hilbert d, ackermann w. principles of mathematical logic

    2提出了一個演算法把ctl在有界語義下滿足性的檢測規約到一個qbf quantified boolean formulas問題的滿足性的判定上,同時證明了演算法的正確性。
  2. This paper uses numerical analysis methods to simulate two fighters fighting in the air by computer and researches all the problems at different postures of the fighters when fighting. the mathematical modeling is preliminarily researched and designed during the air action emulation of two fighters. a sort of description means which is found is more realistic for the simplified modeling of the fighters

  3. Any mathematical algorithms must be supplemented by heuristics.

  4. To the losses, the paper takes the rate of loss in grain as index ; to natural factor, the paper establishes mathematical model according to the change on meteorological factor in one year and between years ; to human factor, for its complexity, the paper takes two - grade index. beginning with the water conservancy index, plant structure index, ecology index, soil improvement and water - soil conservation index, policy index, adopting the way of weight, it combines them into human factor

  5. The research can offer some important references to the population ecology of endangerous plant, too. based on the dates of two different circumstances, two standard life tables of form. taais chinensis var. mcarei population are founded by mathematical technique according to premising with " space deducing time ", and the curves of survival rate, mortality rate and killing power were drew. the results showed both of the survival curves of population appeared to be a type of deevey - iii and the high mortality of seeding is one of the important reasons which caused taxus chinensis var. mairei to be endangered, which badly limited the enlargement of form. taxus chinensis var. mcarei population

    由於南方紅豆杉無解析木,因而以「空間推時間」 、 「橫向導縱向」方法,將林林依胸徑大小分級,以立木級結構代表年齡結構,採用分段勻滑技術,對兩個不同生境的南方紅豆杉種群編制特定時間生命表,繪制存活曲線,結果表明不同生境的南方紅豆杉種群的存活曲線均趨于deevey -型,兩地差異較小,幼苗死亡率極高,不同生境的幼苗死亡率均達到96以上。