mature gas中文意思是什麼

mature gas解釋

  • mature: adj ( turer; turest)1 (有機體)熟的,成熟的;(精神、智力)圓熟的,發育完全的。2 (葡萄酒等)...
  • gas: n (pl gases )1 氣,氣體,氣態 〈cf fluid; solid〉 2 可燃氣,煤氣,沼氣;【礦物】瓦斯。3 【軍事...

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  1. The pulse pneumatic conveying system has been a important transporting method for grain material, because of lower velocity, higher ratio of blend and a littler gas, as well as shattering less materiel, abrasing pipeline and easy recovery

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  4. The light oils originated from high mature rocks. in the process from source to trap with gas washing and evaporative fractionation, the oils got rich in aromatic compounds and poor in other compounds, which indicates that gas washing has great effects on the oil compositions

  5. Lithium bromide - water refrigerator with heat pipe driven by waste heat of flue gas transfers waste heat from flue gas to high pressure lithium bromide - water generator by high efficient heat pipe heat exchanger. at present, prototype has been in use. the mature software has not existed for the complicated system design