• mbs: MBS = Mutual Broadcasting System 〈美國〉相互廣播公司。


  1. Mbs methyl methacrylate - butadiem - styrene copolymer

  2. Abstract : in this paper the gasification characteristics of two - phase anaerobic membrane biosystem ( mbs ) were studied by experiment using starch wastewater. effects and phenomenon of system ? s energy recovery was analyzed

    文摘:在實驗室條件下,以澱粉配製廢水為原水對兩相厭氧膜生物系統( mbs系統)產氣特性及其規律進行了試驗研究,討論並解釋了該系統在能源回收過程中的現象和影響因素。
  3. Chapter three analyses the suitable pricing model of our country ' s mbs, and by studying secular trend and fluctuation of risk free interest rate and the term structure of interest rate of national debt, i propose an option model based on floating interest rate mbs which will be issued in our country. next, cash flow current value method is used to carry out the empirical test

  4. The hkmc raised over hk 13. 8 billion in 2004 through 39 issues of debt securities and 2 mbs issues under the bauhinia mbs programme, further consolidating its status as the most active corporate issuer in the hong kong dollar debt capital market

    按揭證券公司在2004年發行了39批債券及根據bauhinia mbs計劃推出2批按揭證券,籌得資金超逾138億港元
  5. Thus the use of the 155 mbs port by switches can overcome the low utilization rate caused by the limited density of ports in the transmission equipment