MBS = Mutual Broadcasting System 〈美國〉相互廣播公司。


    1. The change of agglutinating activity, cd spectrum and fls of lra in different temperature, ph and different chemicals indicated that lra had partial hemagglutinating activity at ph2. 0 ( 50 % ), a temperature above 100 ( 60 % ) and after modified by n - bromosuccinimide ( mbs ), the activity lost completely, modified by depc, the lra had a little activity, the other groups modified such as arg, tyr, glu, asp did n ' t effect the hemagglutinating activity of lra. the result indicated that trp residues were essential to the hemagglutinating activity and were involved in carbohydrate - binding site

      研究不同溫度、 ph和基團特異性化學修飾后lra凝血活性和促淋巴細胞有絲分裂的變化、圓二色譜和熒光光譜的變化,當溫度達80以上時,活性開始下降,到100時活性有60 %保留:當ph為2時,活性保留50 % , ph為4一12對活性的影響不大;用nbs修飾trp后, t即的旦一叫睬基的破壞使活性完全喪失,表明trp對凝血活性是至關重要的, arg 、 tyr 、 glu 、 asp被修飾后, lra的凝血活性並未受到大的影響,但tyr修飾后lra的促有絲分裂活性降低
    2. Mbs methyl methacrylate - butadiem - styrene copolymer

    3. Basing on the analysis of development of housing industry and housing fiance, we discussed the nessesary and practical obstacle, and raised : our country has not the conditions for cosmically developing the mbs now, the most important assigment preseantly is to creative conditions. and then combined with the situations of our country, we raised the countermeasures and suggestions

    4. By example role of government institutions, mbs can decrease cost of securitization and attract non - governmental institutions to enter this field

    5. Thus the use of the 155 mbs port by switches can overcome the low utilization rate caused by the limited density of ports in the transmission equipment