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  • ra: n. 【埃及神話】太陽神。Ra1=radium 【化學】鐳。

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  1. Secondly, the steel balls millstone is used to grind steel ball in ones steel ball factory, and process flocculus the steel balls that possess reticulate veins surface. measure the result as follows : ra ( surface roughness of steel ball ) = 0. 015 u m, wavmess = 0. 06 um, sph ( deviation from spherical form ) = 0. 010 u m, vdwl ( variation of ball lot diameter ) = 0. 015 u m

    然後利用製成的鋼球研磨板對鋼球進行超精磨削加工,加工出了表面具有網狀紋理形貌的「絨面」鋼球,利用儀器測量鋼球表面的粗糙度值達到了0 . 015 m ,表面波紋度值達到了0 . 006 m ,圓度達到了0 . 010 m ,球批直徑變動量小於0 . 015 m 。
  2. Ra ' s al ghul : gotham. as gotham ' s favored son you will be ideally placed to strike at the heart of criminality

  3. Real madrid captain ra l gonz lez traveled to senegal this week as a goodwill ambassador for the food and agriculture organization of the united nations ( fao ) to pitch in to help fight hunger in africa

  4. The modulation of sound properties over a wide range of time scales is one of the most obvious characters of oscine passerine ' s vocal, whose song contains many different kinds of syllables that consist of many more multiple song phrases. in oscine passerine, ipsilateral projections of ra to nxiits innervates the ipsilateral syringeal muscles exactly, and thus they have strong ability of vocal control with variable tones, high frequency and higher lever of quality. as a result, the songs sound well

    鳴禽鳴囀的最大特點之一便是其單次鳴唱時間長,鳴唱所包含的音節數量和音節種類繁多,因而由這些音節所組成的句型結構也是復雜多樣富於變化,且由於nxiits嚴格的側別控制(每一側核團只支配同側鳴肌) ,使其具有更強的控聲能力,其鳴聲音調變化幅度大,頻率高,品質因數大,音色好,因而其鳴聲也悅耳動聽。
  5. However, in a subgroup of rheumatoid arthritis ( ra ) patients, etanercept normalizes an anabolic response to overfeeding

    然而,在類風濕性關節炎( ra )患者的一組中,服用依那西普可使因吃的過量引起的合成代謝反應正常化。