measurable investment中文意思是什麼

measurable investment解釋

  • measurable: adj 可量的,可測量的,相當的,適當的。 come within a measurable distance of 臨,逼近,接近。adv b...
  • investment: n. 1. 投資;投資額;(時間、資本等的)投入;投入資金的東西。2. 授職(儀式);授權。3. 包圍,封鎖。4. 覆蓋。

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  1. Advance copy of the public announcement to be made by the ha regarding its decision to re - launch the global offering of units in a real estate investment trust to implement its decision to divest its retail and car parking facilities

  2. It has been two years since aeolus automobile co. ltd was founded. in the two years, aeolus company is famous for its little investment and outstanding achievement. the bluebird selling like hot cakes makes the decision - makers of dongfeng group think the marketing modes of the group renewedly

  3. The mining investment environment in algeria

  4. Our county now has aloe plant surface area more than 300mu. relying on aloe resource, it builds up the biggest alow drinking product company in china. the aloe drinking series " weizhiyuan " which produced b the advanced techniques of this company has passed haccp and becomes the special drinking of national diving team of china. company plans to invite investment $ 1. 5 million for introducing produce facilities

  5. Afsc operations limited, altruist financial group limited, freescale semiconductor hong kong limited, the hong kong china gas co. limited, hsin chong construction group, ibm china hong kong limited, jebsen co limited, paul y. engineering group limited, pccw ltd., s. c. johnson ltd, search investment group limited, shaw and sons limited, sir kenneth fung ping fan foundation trust i and tonic industries holding limited

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