measurable quality characteristic中文意思是什麼

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  • measurable: adj 可量的,可測量的,相當的,適當的。 come within a measurable distance of 臨,逼近,接近。adv b...
  • quality: n 1 質,質量;性質,特質;品質,品位。2 優質,美質,優點。3 才能,能力,技能,素養。4 品種。5 身...
  • characteristic: adj 有特性的;表示…特性的,…特有的。 Japan s characteristic art 日本特有的藝術。n 特性,特徵,性...

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  1. To lily flower of high quality characteristic production in qingyang carry through plastic pellicle mantle and maize straw pole mantle in live through the winter, analysis soil water resume, ground temperature change character and different mantle material water, heat resource to the effect of upgrowth period, growth measure and output inscape of lily flower

  2. Firstly, the surface characteristic of polystyrene particle is changed from water detesting to water intimity by using special techniques and admixtures so mat the compound quality with inorganic materials is insured. secondly, the contradiction between the weight and strength is solved through optimizing the particle size and using composite fiber and the best heat conductivity is achieved under the condition that the necessary strength is met. in the research process, the author solved the problem of fiber dispersing in insulating materials so that the contraction of the material is controlled

  3. Based the value, the quality characteristic of different group processes can be expressed in the same control chart, the tendency of the current quality of the process may be predicted. at last, a case indicates that the approach is some piratical valuable

  4. Static structure make up and dynamic quality form and develop the factor not to analyse relatively according to talent quality, combine quality characteristic, difficult to draw of our country manpower resources development should one the whole course, multi - level, many angle and unitized system engineering we have

  5. Biometrics uses a measurable, physical characteristic or personal behavioral trait to recognize the identity, or verify the claimed identity, of an individual