mechanical atomization中文意思是什麼

mechanical atomization解釋

  • mechanical: adj 1 機械的;機械制的。2 機械學的,力學的;物理上的(opp chemical)。3 機工的,技工的;自動的;...
  • atomization: n. 1. 原子化,化成微粒。2. 噴霧;霧化(法)。

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  1. The company specialized production sludge dehydrator, oil water separator, block the dirt machine, the purifier, polymer auto feeder and so on each kind of sewage treatment mechanical device and cloth ( yq - screen mesh ), polymer agglutinant consumes thematerial

  2. Tailings active also do not be immutable, it may know surpass work means activation, general methods have following 3 kinds : mechanical reduction law, hydro - thermal synthetic law and alkalescence arouse law

  3. Aluminium and aluminium alloys. foils. mechanical tests

  4. Therefore, in order to obtain polyimide with good mechanical properties, the temperature of amination should not be chosen at 150

    因此,為了得到具有較好機械性能的聚酰亞胺, 150左右是應當避開的最終酰亞胺化溫度。
  5. By optimizing the parameters such as the additive quantity of corn straw fibre, the content of amylum, the dosage of vesicant, the selecting of accessorial material, and the temperature of frothing, the cushion packaging material that has decompounding capability was prepared, and the factors influencing the mechanical strength of this material was analyzed by the method of static compress test