melody chenille spread中文意思是什麼

melody chenille spread解釋

  • melody: n. 1. 甜蜜的音樂,好聽[和諧]的調子;好聽的聲音;歌曲;適合唱歌的詩。2. 【音樂】旋律,曲調;主調。
  • chenille: n. 1. 繩絨線,雪尼爾花線。2. 假繩絨線,毛蟲狀絨線(編織品)。
  • spread: vt (spread)1 伸開,伸長(手臂等),展開,張開(帆等),打開(地圖等);鋪開(氈子等),展寬,展...

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  1. Disease-causing cells might accidentally escape from a laboratory and spread throughout the world.

  2. Marketing territories of action group extend to more than 20 countries around the world. our marketing and service channels spread to all corners around the globe

  3. Tin hau seven sound works spread out in vario us parts of the city, creating sound - full air pockets in our densely populated sound environment. anson mak presents sonic meditation exercise i, which plays on the geographies of sound sources to reveal the phenomenon of urban segregation

    由七位具十年以上聲音經驗的藝術家組成六個關于聽外(界)和聽內(心)的聲音作品,以喃喃細響打斷城市的底聲流(汽車引擎,冷氣磨動,商場的背境音樂) ,讓我們在擠逼的聲境重拾聽覺的敏銳。
  4. According as the urban land use maps in different period and airscape in 1996 and 1999 of jinan, its spatial and temporal process of urban spread was analyzed through growth vector

  5. Taking a low - costed spread through combination and annexation