member of board of directors中文意思是什麼

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  • member: n 1 (團體的)一分子,成員;會員;社員;議員;委員。2 政黨支部。3 手足,肢體;身體各部,(人及動...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • board: n 1 板〈通常指寬4英寸半以上厚2英寸半以下者〉,木板;紙板。2 (廣告)牌;(棋)盤;〈口語〉配電盤...
  • directors: 董事

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  1. Overhead expenses of overhead expenses is to show the enterprise is organization and administrative company production to run all sorts of cost of place happening, include company board of directors and administration department to happen in the management of the enterprise, the company funds that perhaps should consolidate a responsibility by the enterprise ( include wage of administration department worker, repair cost, stock to use up, cost of running stores amortize, office and poor travelling expenses ), union funds, be out of job membership due of insurance premium, cost of labor security, board of directors ( include directorate member to allowance, conference is expended and differ travelling expenses to wait ), invite intermediary orgnaization cost, advisory cost ( contain adviser, legal cost, business receives fee, house property duty, car boat royalities, land royalities, stamp duty, the technology transfers cost, mineral products resource compensates cost, intangible assets amortize, the worker teachs funds, consider to be expended with development, blowdown cost, goods in stock dish deficient or investory profit ( do not include to answer plan the loss of goods in stock that enters the defray outside doing business ), plan the bad zhang preparation that carry and goods in stock cheapen preparation

    治理費用治理費用是指企業為組織和治理企業生產經營所發生的各種費用,包括企業董事會和行政治理部門在企業的經營治理中發生的,或者應由企業統一負擔的公司經費(包括行政治理部門職工工資,修理費、物料消耗、低值易耗品攤銷、辦公費和差旅費等) 、工會經費、待業保險費、勞動保險費、董事會會費(包括董事會成員津貼、會議費和差旅費等) 、聘請中介機構費、咨詢費(含顧問費) ,訴訟費,業務招待費,房產稅,車船使用稅,土地使用稅,印花稅,技術轉讓費,礦產資源補償費,無形資產攤銷,職工教育經費,研究與開發費,排污費,存貨盤虧或盤盈(不包括應計入營業外支出的存貨損失) 、計提的壞賬預備和存貨跌價預備等。
  2. No member of the board of directors shall receive any salary or wages as a member of the said board ; but the treasurer may be paid such compensation as the general meeting may determine

  3. Ho tsai - fong, a standing member of the cfl s board of directors, is also a member of the kmt s central standing committee

  4. Mr chan is on the board of directors of caterpillar china limited, and is a member of the us - china business council and american - chamber of commerce in hong kong

  5. Officiating guests of the ceremony have mr k l chan bbs, chief executive officer of nws holdings limited ; legislative council member of the hksar cum chairman of employees retraining board the honourable tam yiu chung gbs jp ; permanent secretary for economic development and labour labour cum commissioner for labour mr matthew cheung kin chung jp ; executive directors of nws holdings limited mr andrew wong and mr patrick lam ; and managing director dr edmond cheng and deputy managing director mr p c lau of urban group

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