membership value中文意思是什麼

membership value解釋

  • membership: 成員人數
  • value: n 1 價值;重要性;益處。2 估價,評價。3 價格,所值;交換力。4 (郵票的)面值。5 等值;值得花的代...

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  1. As iso9000 system evolved in different historical period, the first edition ( 1987 ), the second edition ( 1994 ) and the latest one, the third edition ( 2000 ) of that were constantly updated and upgraded. the latest edition of 1s09000 system not only fully embodied the eight principles of quality management, which were generally recognized and accepted by quality control circles in the world, with the china ' s successfully admission to wto membership, as an evaluating rule to measure the level of an enterprise quality management, iso9000 system under constant evolution for excellence will surely give an impulse to enterprise to perfect their quality strategy so as to satisfy the need of market under the new situation. only by equipping proper concept of quality value and quality culture, develop quality strateg ) suitable to new market rule and international economy situation, our enterprise can elevate the comprehensive competitive strength by continuously quality improvement, that will pave a way for enterprises in 21s1 century to survive permanently

    隨著iso9000系列標準在不同歷史時期的演變,第一版( 1987年) 、第二版( 1994年)及最新的第三版( 2000版)的iso9000系列標準得到不斷修訂和調整,最新版的iso9000標準充分體現了當今世界上質量界最普遍接受和認同的質量管理八項原則,隨著2001年12月我國加入wto的契機, iso9000系列標準作為企業質量管理水平的評價準則,它的不斷進化必然促使企業不斷調整質量戰略來滿足新形勢下的市場要求,只有建立正確的質量價值觀並注重培育企業的質量文化,制訂適應于新的市場運作規則利國際市場環境的質量戰略,才能使我國企業通過不斷提高質量管理的水平,來提升企業的綜合競爭實力,這已成為二十一世紀企業的長久生存之道。
  2. Gets a value indicating the format for storing passwords in the sql server membership database

    獲取一個值,表示用於在sql server成員資格數據庫中存儲密碼的格式。
  3. In the light of the fuzzy property of influence factors of air resistance in roadway ventilation, this paper establishes five standard patterns based on analyzing the influence factors, uses fuzzy recognition method to determine the membership function of the influence factors, then rationally evaluates the value of roadway ' s air resistance and whether the roadway ' s ventilation effect is good or not

  4. If either of strength and stress is stochastic variable and another is fuzzy variable, the. fuzzy variable can be transformed to section number on the assumption that the probability of fuzzy variable taking some points in that section is proportional to its value of membership function respectively, then the probability of structural fuzzy event is transformed to general probability with stochastic strength and stress variables and can be solved by general probability theory

  5. You stored value in the membership card all cash