membrana granulosa中文意思是什麼

membrana granulosa解釋
│粒層, 粒膜

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  1. After fertilization granulosa cells and oocytes were isolated and continued to be cultured for 48 hours, and made into suspension ; the levels of fsh - r on the the granulose cells shall be immediately measured. results : 1

    受精後分離顆粒細胞中文摘要和卵母細胞,將所剝離下的全部顆粒細胞繼續培養48 』 j 』時,製成混懸液,並及時進行顆粒細胞膜上fsh丑含量的測定。
  2. Microscopically, the granulosa cell tumor attempts to form structures that resemble primitive follicles, as seen at the left. most of these tumors are histologically benign, but some are malignant

  3. Membrana interossea antebrachii

  4. Membrana interossea cruris

  5. Cpges mrna was strongly expressed in granulosa cells of primary and secondary follicles