membrane bound apoptotic bodies中文意思是什麼

membrane bound apoptotic bodies解釋

  • membrane: n. 1. 【解、生】(薄)膜,隔膜。2. 〈古語〉(古文件的)(一頁)羊皮紙。-braneous , -branous adj. 膜(狀)的,膜質的;隔膜的。
  • bound: n 〈pl 〉1 界限,界線,限度。2 邊界,邊境;邊界線內的領土。3 區域,領域,范圍。vt 1 限,限制。2 ...
  • apoptotic: 細胞凋亡的
  • bodies: 本斯瓊斯氏體

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  1. Many glycoproteins of lower and higher eucaryotes are attached to the plasma membrane by means of a glycosylphosphatidylinositol ( gpi ). gpi - anchored proteins are synthesized on membrane - bound ribosomes. upon translocation of the pro - protein across the endoplasmic reticulum membrane, gpi : protein transamidase ( gp1t ) recognize and removes the carboxy terminal gpi signal sequence and attaches a gpi molecule to the newly exposed carboxy terminal amino acid

    Gpi化前體蛋白在依附於膜的核糖體上合成,當其易位穿過內質網( er )膜后,被gpi :蛋白質轉酰胺基酶( gpit )識別, gpit在移走其羧基端gpi信號序列的同時將gpi分子連接至新生成的氨基酸位點上。
  2. However, there i s no direct evidence about the influences of vnp on the proliferation of other vascular smooth muscle cells. three receptors subtypes for natriuretic peptides have been identified, the natriuretic peptide receptor ( npr ) - a, npr - b and npr - c. the npr - a and npr - b are membrane - bound guanylate cyclase coupled to production of 3 ", 5 ' - cyclic guanosine - 7 - monophophate ( cgmp )

    鈉尿肽受體( natriureticpeptidereceptors , nprs )有a 、 b 、 c三個亞型,其中a 、 b ( npr - a 、 b )受體是鳥苷酸環化酶( gc )耦聯受體,與配體結合后引起細胞內cgmp水平升高,而c受體不與gc耦聯,主要通過結合和內化( internalize )鈉尿肽而發揮清除受體的功能。
  3. Rubber elongation factor ( ref ) is a rubber particle membrane - bound protein, mr. 14. 6kda. previous study indicates that ref is highly expressed in latex, accounting for 10 ~ 60 % of the total protein in latex. ref is very important for polymerization of rubber molecules

    橡膠延伸因子( rubberelongationfactor , ref )是一種橡膠粒子膜蛋白,分子量約為14 . 6kda ,在膠乳中高效表達,其含量約占膠乳總蛋白的10 60 ,在橡膠分子聚合中起著重要作用。
  4. The term " cytochrome p450 " first appeared in literature in 1962. it was a microsomal membrane - bound hemoprotein without known physiological functions at that time and was characterized by a unique 450nm optical absorption peak of its carbon monoxide - bound form

  5. Like certain other bacterial pathogens, chlamydiae induce epithelial cells ? in this case, those lining genital tracts, eyelids or lungs ? to absorb them within a membrane - bound sac, or vacuole