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  • memorandum: n (pl memorandums 亦作 da ) 〈拉丁語〉1 記錄。2 【外交】照會,備忘錄。3 【商業】便箋[函];(按...
  • entry: n 1 進入,入場;入城;(演員)出場。2 入口;門口。3 通道,路口;河口。4 登記;記載;申報;記錄;...

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  1. Attending to procedures for ships entry into and departure from the port and arranging for pilotage, ships berth and loading discharging ; 2. preparing documents and, subject to authorization, signing bills of lading, contract of affreightment, ships dispatch demurrage agreements and collecting money and settling payment ; 3. canvassing cargoes, arranging passenger transport, accepting cargo space booking on behalf of the carrier, and attending to procedures for shipments and transshipment of cargoes ; 4

    公司的業務范圍包括: 1辦理船舶進出港口手續,聯系安排引航靠泊和裝卸2繕制單證,代簽提單運輸合同速譴滯期協議,代收代付款項3承攬貨物和組織客源代辦接受定艙業務以及貨物的托運和中轉4聯系水上救助協辦海商海事5辦理船舶集裝箱以及貨物的報關手續6代辦船舶船員旅客或貨物的有關事項。
  2. Proposed acquisition of hydro - power plant hong kong, september 9, 2002 - aminate manufacturer, kingboard chemical holdings limited sehk : 148 " kingboard chemical " today announces its non wholly - owned subsidiary, kingboard copper foil holdings limited ses : kbcf " kingboard copper foil ", has signed a memorandum of understanding with yingde city people s government to acquire the fixed assets of a 72mw hydro - power plant in yingde for rmb700 million

    覆銅面板生產商建滔化工集團香港聯交所: 0148建滔化工今日宣布其附屬公司建滔銅箔集團有限公司新加坡交易所: kbcf建滔銅箔與英德市政府簽訂一項諒解備忘錄,建議收購英德市白石窯7 . 2萬千瓦容量水電廠的固定資產,總代價為人民幣七億元。
  3. The highest new entry on the list at number four is anil agarwal worth about 504 million pounds and who in 2003 restructured his operations and created a new holding company, vedanta resources, which deals in mining for copper, zinc and aluminium

    被列入排行榜的新人中最富有的是位居第四的anil agarwal ,他擁有5 . 04億英鎊的資產, 2003年他對公司資產進行了重組並創建了一家新的控股公司vedanta resources ,公司主要從事銅,鋅和鋁的礦物開采。
  4. Antitrust enforcement tends to lessen certain very high entry barriers

  5. Secondly, there are so many same objects managed in the storage manage system and a greate deal of memory is occupied, and in order to access the resources between processes entry management library is presented. thirdly, this paper also researches the ag ( atomic group ) function, then implements an method to deal with the disater recovery in san and ag make users easier to operate than a volume

    另外,針對存儲管理系統中要保存諸多同類信息、佔用內存大的問題,同時考慮到能夠實現進程間的數據訪問,提出,設計並實現了entry管理庫,從而大大降低了內存的使用量。另外,本文還設計和實現了ag ( atomicgroup )功能,提供了一種解決災難恢復的方案,同時相對于單個volume的操作,以組為單位操作,簡化了用戶的操作。