meridian path中文意思是什麼

meridian path解釋

  • meridian: n 1 【天文學】子午圈[線];正午。2 頂點,絕頂;全盛期。adj 子午圈的;正午的;頂點的,絕頂的;全盛...
  • path: path(ol )=pathological; pathology n (pl paths )1 (自然踏成的)路;路徑;(馬路邊上的)人行...

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  1. Colonic convulsion continues to deepen, alvine path wriggles answer increase, defecate frequency, turn again by constipation for diarrhoea, from this go round and round

  2. The tall danger crowd of third hepatitis is the person that point to to blood often is exposed outside alvine path, the person that if medicaments is abused inside hemophiliac, vein, become addiction, blood is dialytic patient of surgery of patient, marrow and kidney transplant patient, heart and the patient that often inject via the skin

  3. Time grew, the adjustment that can bring about pallium again the function is disorder, parasympathetic nerve centre is met " seize the opportunity " come out from the disengagement below the control of pallium, stimulant increase, the alvine path exercise that gets it to control is accelerated, patient occurrence diarrhoea ; this nerve excitement is too long, but because of " fatigue " and ebb gradually and turn to restrain, alvine path muscle also comes down flabbily slowly, peristalsis is abate, the result causes constipation again

  4. Ambling on a path strewn with fallen flowers,

  5. Lots of information suggest that the metamorphism process of this area are from granulite facies to amphibolite facies and the retrograded metamorphic path is basically a cw nearly isothermal decompressional evolvement trend