merloni group中文意思是什麼

merloni group解釋

  • merloni: 梅洛尼
  • group: n 1 群;批,簇。2 集團,團體,小組。3 【化學】基,團,組;(周期表的)屬,族。4 (雕塑等的)群像...

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  1. Theorem 4. 5 if locally soluble group g is c * ( w ) - group, then the chief factor of g is elementary abelian

  2. Endangered abies yuanbaoshanensis will probably have been extinct, so it very necessary to studying its genetic diversity with a proper way in order to save this key group of biological diversity in china

  3. Online inquiry, the article on a lot of nets says this very awfully, make him very acedia, see pharmaceutical college of chinese medical university when him " the spirit that do not have care " shi xiaofang of task group group leader teachs " acerb wet verrucous may not is a gender the contact is infected, wart of dispel of draw out pus by applying a plaster to the affected part is not difficult " after one article, if capture, help straw and general, after many setbacks, ask eventually history the professor ' s phone

  4. To learn the management skill of key account sales group

  5. In this paper, using the program ( epagpll ), the bored testing pile group of the chinese architecture science and research institute at luokou area are analysised. the comparisons among analytical results of four constitutive models of soil are made, and the deformation of piles and soil, the soil resistance of the piles, the friction beneath cap, the aclinic displacement of the ground soil before piles and the failure pattern of pile group are discussed in detail