mermaid song (when you know)中文意思是什麼

mermaid song (when you know)解釋

  • mermaid: n. (傳說中的)美人魚;美人魚徽章;〈美國〉女游泳健將。
  • song: n. 1. 歌,聲樂,唱歌。2. 歌曲;歌曲集;歌詞。3. 詩歌,短詩,抒情詩;韻文。4. 鳥叫聲,鳥語。
  • when: adv 1 〈疑問〉什麼時候,幾時。 W did you see him (這以前)你幾時見他的?2 〈關系,引導定語從句〉...
  • you: pron 〈sing pl 〉1 〈人稱代詞第二人稱、主格及賓格;所有格 your, 所有格代詞 yours〉你,您;你們,...
  • know: vt 1 知道;了解,懂得。2 相識,認識;結識。3 能區別,能分辨,能識別。4 熟悉,精通,記牢。5 體驗,...

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  1. But it kind of shakes your foundation when you know it ' s still a bit of a crapshoot and then this stuff happens, " she said

  2. Confucius ' s motto : to say you know when you know, and to say you do not when you do not, that is knowledge

    孔子,早在2000多年前,就教育弟子要誠實, 「知之為知之,不知為不知。 」
  3. Why did you write in pencil when you know you should write in ink

  4. Real courage is when you know you ' re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what

  5. Then the yogi asked, when you know these deeds are sinful and the fruit is suffering, why do you still engage in these acts

    瑜伽士接著問道: 「當你知道這些行為是罪惡的,而且只會帶來苦果,為什麼你還要這樣做呢? 」