meroblastic egg中文意思是什麼

meroblastic egg解釋

  • meroblastic: adj. 【遺傳】不全裂卵的。adv. -ally
  • egg: n 1 蛋,雞蛋;〈生〉卵,卵細胞;卵形物。2 〈俚語〉炸彈,手榴彈;魚雷。3 〈俚語〉人,傢伙。4 〈俚...

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  1. Food source : with pig blood, chicken blood, duck blood, animal blood, celery, agaric and dawdle are best, still have all sorts of lean lean, the egg is yellow, soya bean reachs its goods, sesame seed oar

  2. Before anthesis wall of egg apparatus is complete ; most part of egg wall at the chalazal end disappears at the day of anthesis ; after frtilization ( 20h after pollinating ) egg wall becomes intact. the results suggest that rebuilding of wall is one of the early cytological events during fertilization

  3. Felicitously he ceased and held a meek head among them, auk s egg, prize of their fray. he thous and thees her with grave husbandwords

    他說完這番措詞恰當的話之後,就在眾人當中昂起溫順的頭一枚海雀蛋238 ,大家爭奪的獵物。
  4. Inhibiting effects of the cynanchum komalovii total alkaloids and melia azedarach fruit extracts on oviposition and egg hatch in apriona germari coleoptera, cerambacidae

  5. We pay attention to the technical content of the product, carries on the deep processing to the product, introduces the bacteriolysis enzyme extraction technology of american group company, take the duck ' s egg as the raw material, extract the bacteriolysis enzyme that is widely applied to the medicine, the cosmetics, food anticorrosion and the bio - engineering fields of research, and we may extract 2500 kilograms every year ; we study the technology of maintaining egg product freshness with the shenyang agricultural college ; abandons with the national environmental protection agriculture using the project center, the dalian environmental science design research institute, the chwangho city environmental protection bureau jointly carries on the birds and beasts feed increase ecology conditioner expansion tests, makes zhuanghe city heidao agriculture comprehensive exploitation co., ltd the provincial level science and technology innovation enterprise