messenger strand中文意思是什麼

messenger strand解釋

  • messenger: n 1 使者,送信人,郵遞員,信差;【軍事】通信兵,傳令兵。2 前驅;先驅者。3 順著風箏線送到天空的紙...
  • strand: n 1 〈詩〉(海、湖、河等的)濱,岸,灘。2 〈the S 〉 (倫敦的)河濱馬路。vt vi 1 (使)(船等)觸...

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  1. The messenger brought tidings from the battle front

  2. Methods dna sequences of the coagulase were examined by polymerase chain reaction - sigle strand conformation polymorphism ( pcr - sscp ) method and were identified by sequencing

  3. Side by side bloom, profiting by the contretemps, with stephen passed through the gap of the chains, divided by the upright, and, stepping over a strand of mire, went across towards gardiner street lower, stephen singing more boldly, but not loudly, the end of the ballad

    幸而發生了這一事故313 ,布盧姆和斯蒂芬才肩並肩地從那被直柱隔開來的欄鏈的空隙爬過去,邁過一溜兒泥濘,朝著下加德納街橫跨過去。斯蒂芬雖然沒有放開嗓門,卻用更加激越的聲調唱完了那首歌謠:
  4. Double strand drawing mill

  5. Haplostele a type of protostele having a solid strand of stele with the xylem on the inside encircled by phloem, pericycle, and endodermis