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  • metabolic: adj. 1. 變化的,變形的。2. 【生物學】新陳代謝的,代謝作用的。
  • brain: n 1 腦,〈pl 〉腦髓;〈俚語〉計算機;(導彈的)制導系統。2 〈常 pl 〉智力,智能,智慧,腦力;頭腦...
  • syndrome: n. 1. 【醫學】綜合癥,癥候群。2. (某一事物的)全部特徵;特徵群;(具有某種共同性的不同事物的)集合。

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  1. The national cholesterol education program ( ncep ) defines metabolic syndrome as the presence of any three of the following factors : abdominal obesity, high cholesterol, elevated blood glucose, and high blood pressure

    國家膽固醇教育計劃( ncep )認為,符合下列任意三種情況即可定性為代謝綜合征:腹部肥胖,高膽固醇,高血糖和高血壓。
  2. The high risk of both diabetes and cardioascular disease associated with obesity in asians may be due to a predisposition to abdominal obesity, which can lead to the metabolic syndrome and impaired glucose tolerance

  3. Prevalence of metabolic syndrome among adult aged 20 74 years in zhanshan community of qingdao

  4. Electricity stimulates cerebral fastigial nucleus to increase regional cerebral blood flow ( rcbf ) and narrows the volume of blocking up without following brain metabolic rate, therefore its function on lack of brain blood may be helpful

    電刺激小腦項核( fn )可以增加局部腦血流量( rcbf ) ,縮小梗塞體積,而不伴隨腦代謝率的改善,提示對腦缺血可能有益。
  5. Treatments such as reducing food intake and fat absorption as well as preventative measures are outlined during the meeting. the role of traditional chinese medicine in modern therapeutics is also evaluated. aging is another factor in the development of the metabolic syndrome and the possible benefits of traditional and modern medicines in this regard are discussed