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  • metaphysical: adj. 1. 形而上學的;玄學的。2. 超自然的;先驗的,超感覺的。3. 玄奧的;抽象的;穿鑿入微的,過分細膩的。adv. -ly
  • thinking: n 1 思考,思索,考慮。2 思想,觀點,見解,想法。adj 思想的;有思想的;通情達理的;深思熟慮的。 a ...

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  1. The fifth part is on the careful thinking and rational advisement of carrying out inquiry learning in senior biology teaching

  2. The thinking about resume the ecologic environment of the saline - alkali soil of daqing

  3. Unless, i think very professional and hold to, do not have for certain commonly otherwise how old with, myself is to slant poor girl, but love to eat very much, grow what this thinking that oneself are true forever not fat, result a year this many actually fat rose, the reason was to change a city, the key was to change the job, original work is very busy, although indoor but ambulate ceaselessly, but now is the office, sat one year almost.

    我認為除非很專業的並且堅持,否則一般肯定沒多大用,我自己是偏瘦女孩,但很愛吃,本以為自己真的永遠長不胖,結果這一年多竟然胖起來了,原因是換了城市,要害是換了工作,原來工作很忙碌,雖然室內但不停走動,但現在是辦公室,幾乎坐了一年。 。 。
  4. In spite of their unitarian proclivities and their masks of conservative broadmindedness, they were two generations behind interpretative science : their mental processes were mediaeval, while their thinking on the ultimate data of existence and of the universe struck him as the same metaphysical method that was as young as the youngest race, as old as the cave - man, and older - the same that moved the first pleistocene ape - man to fear the dark ; that moved the first hasty hebrew savage to incarnate eve from adam s rib ; that moved descartes to build an idealistic system of the universe out of the projections of his own puny ego ; and that moved the famous british ecclesiastic to denounce evolution in satire so scathing as to win immediate applause and leave his name a notorious scrawl on the page of history

  5. Theoretical origin of the mode of metaphysical thinking