metric-voltage mutual inductor中文意思是什麼

metric-voltage mutual inductor解釋

  • metric: adj. 1. 公制的,米制的;十進制的;習慣于用公制的。2. 度量的。
  • voltage: n. 【電學】電壓,電壓量,伏特數。 the working voltage (電氣的)耐壓限度。
  • mutual: adj. 1. 相互的。2. 〈口語〉共有的,共同的。adv. -ly
  • inductor: n. 1. 引導者,授職人。2. 【電學】感應器,感應體,感應物,電感線圈,電感器。3. 手搖磁石發電機。4. 【化學】誘導物。

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  1. The sieries product is suitable for the system with current 50hz - 60hz and the rated voltage of 3. 6kv 40. 5kv. it can be matched with other protective electrical equipment vacuum connection, loading switch etc. it can also be used as the overload or short circuit protection parts for high voltage motor, transformer, voltage mutual inductance attenuator and other power equipment

    本系列產品適用於交流50hz - 60hz ,額定電壓3 . 6kv 40 . 5kv系統,可與其它保護電器如真空接觸器,負荷開關等配合使用,作為高壓電動機電力變壓器電壓互感器及其它電力設備的過載或短路保護等元件。
  2. Standard mutual inductor

  3. This thesis analyses the present situation of energy metering in bishan network and some network at home, main factors which lead to inaccuracy of energy metering are dissected and the severity degree are pointed out. the method of enhancing accuracy of metering using modern technique are put forward which including : 1 ) modernization of meter, replacing the induction watthour meter with full electronic watthour meter ; 2 ) put real time change of mutual inductor ratio of transformation into consideration, method on real - time computation are presented. 3 ) using full electronic watthour meter to measure fundamental power and harmonic power separately and discussing idea of billing on harmonic

    這些方法包括: 1 )計量儀表的現代改造,用全電子式電能表代換感應式電能表; 2 )計及互感器變比的實時變化,對互感器的變比進行實時模擬計算,並提出了實時計算的方法; 3 )用全電子式電能表對基波電能與諧波電能分別計量,並討論了對諧波電能計費的觀點。
  4. Fail and turn electric wire into of the distance in 110kv and above voltage high pressure and vltrahigh voltage of grade, the mutual inductor generally adopts the mutual inductor of electric current ( ct ) and voltage mutual inductor ( cvt )

    在110kv及以上電壓等級的高壓和超高壓輸變電線路中,互感器一般採用電流互感器( ct )和電壓互感器( cvt ) 。電流互感器和電壓互感器在繼電保護中起著重要的作用。
  5. We utilize the mutual inductor to take a sample to the three - phase current, and sample which is enlarged, rectified, filtered, is send into pic single chip microcomputer to deal with. the size of three - phase current on the line is calculated out, which offer the accurate value for the change of controls the equipment state