metus absoluta中文意思是什麼

metus absoluta解釋

  • metus: 恐懼, 憂慮, 擔心

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  1. Meanwhile, the study also shows that the diversity of studied cave animals is inversely proportional to human population density and water quality ; and bio - diversity, to some extent, is proportional to soil fertility and amount of chemical fertilizer, but inversely when excessive ; the correlativity between bio - diversity and vegetation cover rate is not obvious, when ground vegetation is strongly interfered by human being ; the amount of diestrammena marmorata is proportional to the d iversity of plant, and inversely proportional to soil fertility, and in a way, to water quality ; and the correlativity between community and water quality and soil fertility, and between water quality and the amount of mosquito and fly, is not as good as expected. the author points out that diestrammena marmorata, bat, mosquito, fly, oreolalaxrhohostig metus ( or cudata ), and fish can be chosen as in

    同時,研究還表明:調查洞穴的物種多樣性與人口密度、水質成負相關;在一定范圍內,物種多樣性與化肥施用量、土壤肥力成正相關,超過一定的值則成負相關;在人類對地表植被的高強度作用下,物種多樣性與植被覆蓋率的相關性不明顯;蚊蠅數量與土壤肥力基本上呈正相關;斑灶馬數量與植物種數呈正相關,斑灶馬數量與在一定水質范圍內與水質呈負相關,與土壤肥力呈負相關;群落數與水質和土壤肥力、蚊蠅數量與水質都不能表現較好的相關性;研究認為,可以選擇斑灶馬、蝙蝠、蚊蠅、紅點囊蟾(或有尾類) 、魚類等作為指示動物對洞穴環境進行監測。