mica foil中文意思是什麼

mica foil解釋

  • mica: n. 【礦物】雲母。
  • foil: n 1 箔,金屬薄片。2 (鏡底的)銀箔,(寶石等的)襯底。3 襯托物,陪襯的角色;烘托,襯托。4 【建築...

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  1. Most of the alpha particles would go right through the foil.

  2. Aluminium foil for electrolytic capacitor

  3. The autogeny target neutron and pipeline neutron are monitored with associated particle method and long counter through changing different target foil. the effect of the autogeny target neutron is over ten times than that of the pipeline neutron

    對加速器d - t中子源自生靶中子和管道中子,通過改變不同靶片,用伴隨粒子法和長計數器進行測量,評估了自生靶中子和管道中子的影響。
  4. Aventurine received its name around the 17th century from the italian a ventura, which refers to its randomly deposited mica platelets

  5. 1. the series of mica includes muscovite, golden mica, biotite, sericite, used in the fields of electric insulation, heat insulation, paint, plastic, rubber, electric welding, toiletry, etc. 2