micellar thin layer chromatography中文意思是什麼

micellar thin layer chromatography解釋

  • micellar: 膠束的,微胞的,微團的
  • thin: adj (thinner; thinnest)1 薄的 (opp thick); 瘦的 (opp fat stout); 細小的;【印刷】細體的。2 ...
  • layer: n 1 放置者,鋪設者,計劃者。2 【賽馬】(一般)賭客。3 產卵的雞。4 【軍事】瞄準手。5 層;階層;地...
  • chromatography: n. 【化學】層析,色層(分離)法。

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  1. Methods color reaction was used to identify the amino acids contained in turtle shell and pangolin scales in the preparation, and thin layer chromatography was applied to identify other essential ingredients of the preparation such as milkvetch root, rhubarb, bupleurum root, danshen root, red peony root and barbary wolfberry fruit

  2. The protected amino acids were z - ser ( bzl ), boc - asp ( obzl ) and glu ( obzl ) 2. the quality of the synthesized tripeptide : ser - asp - glu ( sde ) by thin layer chromatography, amino acid analysis and liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry is pure. the paam beads with different length arms were obtained by coupling the various length linear spacer, such as ethylene diamine, glutaraldehyde, 1, 6 - diaminohexane and amino caproic acid to paam beads

    按照從梭基端到氨基端的合成路線,用風n 』二環己基碳二亞胺( dcc ) l羥基苯驕三氮哩( hobt )液相合成法逐步接肽,制備得到對應的帶保護基的中間體,用催化氫化還原脫去所有的保護基。
  3. Discrimination of elecampane in shuangjinweiyanglin capsule with thin - layer chromatography

  4. Method for the determination of amprolium residuesin poultry meat for export. thin layer chromatography

  5. According to the chemical characteristics of organophosphorus pesticide and the principle of organophosphorus pesticide inhibit plants cholinesterase activity, based on determined enzymatic reaction conditions, the separation effect of different developing agent system on 11 organophosphorus pesticides by the means of thin - layer chromatography were researched, followed 10 qualitative analysis methods of organophosphorus pesticide residues were established