michaelis-menten dissociation constant中文意思是什麼

michaelis-menten dissociation constant解釋

  • michaelis: 米凱利斯
  • menten: 門滕
  • dissociation: n. 1. 分解,分裂,分離。2. 【生物學】離異,分化變異(體);【化學】離解(作用);【心理學】分裂;【統計學】不相聯。
  • constant: adj 1 恆定不變的,固定的,穩定的,恆久的;繼續不斷的。2 不屈不撓的,堅韌的。3 忠實的,有節操的。n...

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  1. The accelerometer bias errors result in an average constant offset plus an oscillatory component.

  2. The variation of the return rate constant k with different absolute temperature t deviates arrhenius empiric equation

  3. Poor michaelis had been much kicked, so that hes, and the strong queerly - arched brows, the immobile, compressed mouth ; that momentary but revealed immobility, an immobility, a timelessness which the buddha aims at, and which negroes express sometimes without ever aiming at it ; something old, old, and acquiescent in the race

  4. The determination of the first dissociation constant of carbonic acid in urea - water mixture

  5. In the study, it is further shown that the current follows michaelis - menten kinetics in steady state. using the kcsa k + permeation parameters provided by p. h. nelson [ 1 ], the current - voltage relationship is proved to be ohmic and the concentration - current relationship are also obtained reasonably

    由此,在平衡狀態下推出了能斯特( nernst )方程;在穩態條件下,轉導電流滿足米氏動力學關系( michaelis - mentenkinetics ) 。